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Retirement income planning is not what it used to be. Today it is far more complex. There are more choices and more decisions that have to be made, from Social Security, to income taxes, to how to create income, to making the money last - each decision is usually irrevocable so it's important we get it right the first time." Michael Aloi, CFP

Here are some of the retirement questions to consider:

•How do we create income in retirement?

•How do we reduce income taxes to create more retirement income? 

•How do we manage expenses in retirement to create more income? 

•How do we invest for retirement income?

•How should we manage debt to create more income?

•How do we maximize Social Security? 

•How should we take our workplace pension(s)? 

•What are the risks or threats to our retirement?

•How do we make the money last?

Thinking of retiring? 

You came to the right place. 

My passion is helping clients plan and prepare for the retirement of their dreams. I encourage you to read my articles below and subscribe to my email newsletter to learn more. I also offer a complimentary retirement review, please email me to learn more.

It all starts with a plan. 

Your personalized retirement planning strategy: Everything we do for you centers around four pillars - Helping you plan to achieve your financial goals prior to retirement; Planning to ensure you have sufficient income during retirement; Putting plans in place to safeguard your nest egg and yourself against potential catastrophes; Planning for your legacy.

Understanding your goals: Through an intensely personalized approach, we understand what your retirement goals are.

Analyzing your current situation: To plan a meaningful retirement, you need to know where you currently stand. We’ll help you build an in-depth financial inventory to use as part of our retirement planning process.

Developing the plan: Remember all those questions you had on your mind – largely unanswered? Well, we’ll work with you to create a retirement income plan that addresses every one of them. When we’re done, you’ll not only know what you need (income) to fund your retirement lifestyle, and what your investments will generate; but you’ll also know how to bridge the shortfall – if any.

Implementing the plan: As you move closer to retirement, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the plans are implemented in a phased and orderly manner. The goal of our Retirement Planning approach is to make transitioning into retirement as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Supporting the decisions you make on pensions and benefits: Our retirement planning professionals will be right there when you need them, with help and advice on pensions and benefits (Government or Employer): Whether to apply or not? When to apply? What to do with those funds…and much more.

Looking out for you in retirement and beyond: Our Retirement Planning service isn’t done yet – not by a long shot! To live a long and fulfilling retirement, you’ll need help with many other facets of your life – Health Care, Insurance, Charitable Giving and Legacy Planning. When you need our advice, our specialists will know exactly how to respond.

•Ongoing reviews: Our Retirement Planning service ensures that we maintain a long and enduring relationship with you. We’ll continue to monitor and review your retirement plans, and consult with you frequently about any changes or updates needed to address your evolving retirement lifestyle needs.