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5 Tax-Smart Strategies for 2021 Thumbnail

5 Tax-Smart Strategies for 2021

Important tax changes are looming, which may result in higher tax rates for some. Here is a list of five tax-smart planning ideas to help investors prepare for the road ahead: SEI's 5 Tax-Smart Planning Ideas for 2021. Of particular interest is Strategy #3, "harvesting gains." If the capital gains rate increases to the top ordinary income tax rate, investors with large unrealized gains in their portfolios may end up paying more in income taxes when they go to sell. For this reason, investors worried about taxes and their portfolio, should start thinking about more pro-active planning ideas to managing gains and losses. Continue reading: SEI's 5 Tax-Smart Planning Ideas for 2021 or email me learn more. 

-Michael Aloi

What do you think? Is there a tax-smart strategy you prefer? Need more information on managing taxes in your portfolio? I'd love to hear your thoughts: 

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